Bungie Teases Destiny's Future in Year 3

Bungie Teases Destiny's Future in Year 3

Fans have a short term roadmap for events and content coming to Destiny in Year 3, but Bungie teases there’s more to come that fans don’t yet know about.

Destiny: Rise of Iron was the kick off to Destiny‘s Year 3. The persistent MMO-inspired sci-fi shooter has plans to keep fans engaged, but Bungie has only so far revealed a plan that finishes up 2016. But today in its weekly blog, Bungie started subtly teasing that there will be more things to do and that the developer has yet to reveal them.

So far, Destiny fans knew that Rise of Iron would add a large amount of content, including new story missions, a raid, and new Crucible maps and modes (and private matches). In the long term, fans are expecting to see a full-fledged sequel in the fall of 2017 (although Bungie has yet to announce when in 2017 Destiny 2 is coming). That leaves about an entire year in between the release of Rise of Iron and Destiny 2.


Bungie has already revealed that Destiny’s Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, will make a return bigger and better. It is assumed that Festival of the Lost will return next week just before Halloween, based on the timetable Bungie launched it last year. Many of the masks, emotes, and items have already leaked for this year’s Festival of the Lost.

After Festival of the Lost ends, Bungie says Wrath of the Machine’s Challenge Modes will return shortly after:

Raiding is a more dangerous game now, and it will continue to offer greater rewards in exchange for taking on greater risks. Your favorite Raid bosses in Wrath of the Machine will up the ante again, once we’re done hosting our upcoming masquerade ball.

After that, Sparrow Racing League will return in December, along with some more things to do besides racing. Bungie said today that some new ornaments (read: weapon skins) for the exotics Bad Juju, Red Death, Thorn, Black Spindle, and The Last Word will all be out before the start of 2017.

But once the subject of 2017 comes up, Bungie has gone silent. However, it appears that Bungie does have a number of plans, and the developer has begun just barely teasing them:

You have yet more challenges to overcome in Destiny. Some of them you know about. Some of them you don’t.

It is likely that Bungie will need to do something in 2017 to keep its player base up and active. Last year, the Valentine’s Day Crimson Days event provided a small blip of activity for fans, but things really ramped up for a short time in April. The April Update wasn’t nearly as substantial as past paid Destiny DLC, but it did come at a time when players were starving for new content. However with Rise of Iron providing even less content than The Taken King and Bungie now aware of past faults, it might take a fair amount of work and content to stretch fans’ interest out until a sequel next year.
Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now on Xbox One and PS4.
Source: Bungie