The Division Video Shows 50 Minutes of Gameplay

The Division Video Shows 50 Minutes of Gameplay

YouTuber JackFrags uploads a new video of The Division containing almost 50 minutes worth of new gameplay set in the Dark Zone and showing a number of high level missions.

The Ubisoft marketing machine has finally torn the lid off the highly anticipated RPG shooter, The Division in advance of the beta which kicks off on January 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC gamers who have already pre-ordered the title. Part of the information dump that has been tacking place comes from many of the more popular YouTube channels related to gaming such as JackFrags, who has uploaded a brand new video detailing almost 50 minutes worth of gameplay for people to enjoy.

While many videos have done a great job showing off the initial stages of being an agent in this broken New York City environment, Jack decided to take a different route and show off a number of high level missions against heavily armed foes and even some new Dark Zone gameplay which represents the PvP areas in the game. Among the new footage, viewers will see Jack and his crew clear out the Lexington Event Center against armored level 20 enemies, become disavowed and go rogue against another group of players in the Dark Zone, and storm Madison Square Garden in order to rescue a doctor.

For those who are able, Jack has rendered the video in 1440p resolution all in glorious 60 frames per second for best visual quality. It’s just one of the tricks used in order to overcome the sometimes less than desirable YouTube compression which can make visual clarity on videos appear worse than they really are.

Many people have already started comparing The Division with another MMO-light style game, Destiny, thanks to both being RPGs that use shooter mechanics and shared social spaces. Like Destiny, The Division will not allow players to trade items between each other. Interestingly enough, Ubisoft did confirm that this feature was intended to make the game, but had to be scrapped due to timing. It is a feature that can be added post-launch however, which will certainly satisfy players turned off by the lack of it in Bungie’s shooter.

In other potential DLC news, it was confirmed that the borough of Brooklyn won’t be in the retail version of The Division at launch, with Midtown Manhattan being the main focus of the content. Considering that previously shown trailers and gameplay have shown off places like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Dumbo neighborhood, it’s more than likely that this area will be added to the game sometime after launch through DLC. Whether or not it’ll be placed behind a pay wall is anyone’s guess however.

Are you on a Division blackout until launch or did you watch the video all the way through? Let us know what you liked the most by what you’ve seen in the comments below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 8, 2016.

Source: JackFrags