New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer For Bespin DLC

New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer For Bespin DLC

A launch trailer for Star Wars Battlefront‘s next DLC, Bespin, set in Cloud City releases, showing off new heroes, weapons, maps, as well as a new mode.

For those who own the Star Wars Battlefront season pass, the game’s next DLC entitled Bespin is just days away. Bespin comes to Star Wars Battlefront for everyone July 5, but it will be playable on June 21 for fans who have bought the season pass.

EA has released a new launch trailer showing off some of the content that players will dive into with the new Bespin DLC.

Bespin will feature five new multiplayer maps, some from film history and others of from the expanded universe. EA says players will “visit iconic locations from the movie, including the platforms, bridges and unforgettable white hallways” of the iconic Cloud City. Maps pulled from the The Empire Strikes Back movie include the Administrator’s Palace and the Carbon-Freezing Chambers. Another map, taken from the now non-canonical Star Wars Legends, is called the Bioniip Laboratories.

The new mode that players will get to try out on those maps is called Sabotage:

The Empire has deployed several tractor beams on the surface of Cloud City that prevents Rebel ships from escaping the planet. In order to power the tractor beams, the Empire makes use of Tibanna Gas Generators that draw from the Tibanna Gas native to Bespin.

Two new heroes are also being added in the Bespin DLC. Lando Calrissian will be a new Rebel hero while the Imperial side gets the bounty hunter Dengar. A new vehicle is coming to the Battlefront sandbox—the classic orange double-seater Cloud Car.

star wars battlefront dengar

New weapons include the X8 Night Sniper blaster pistol, which boasts an enhanced scope with heat vision, and the EE4 blaster, which is a close range, rapid fire weapon. Bespin will also add new Star Cards:

  • Scout Binoculars – Powerful binoculars capable of revealing enemy units to the entire team.
  • Shock Grenade – Powerful binoculars capable of revealing enemy units to the entire team.
  • Disruption – Localized disruption wave that knocks out enemy blasters, turrets, and droids.

Bespin is Star Wars Battlefront‘s second paid DLC after its first, Outer Rim. EA is planning to release four total pieces of DLC which will bring a total of eight heroes, four game modes, 16 maps, and 20 Star Cards. Beyond that, EA is planning on releasing a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront next year.

At E3 this week, EA also revealed Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission that puts players in the pilot seat of an X-Wing.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Bespin releases June 21 for season pass holders and July 5 for everyone else.

Source: GameSpot