For Honor Will Have A Single Player Campaign

For Honor Will Have A Single Player Campaign

Ubisoft confirms that the new IP they revealed last summer at E3 2015, the hack and slash medieval game For Honor, will have a single player campaign.

Ubisoft is often criticized for relying too heavily on their tried-and-true franchises, but it doesn’t get enough credit for producing brand new IP. 2014 saw the release of the new IP Watch Dogs, which went on to become a blockbuster hit for the company, and in the future, Ubisoft will be releasing another new IP in the form of For Honor. Previously, the game seemed as though it would be a multiplayer-only title, which turned off some gamers to the concept, but Ubisoft has now confirmed that For Honor will have a single-player campaign.

This good news comes straight from the game’s producer, Stephane Cardin of Ubisoft Montreal, who had this to say in an update on the development progress of For Honor:

“One of big questions we received and feedback was about the solo campaign. We said that we will have a solo campaign, and I can promise you that we will have a solo campaign. It’s one of the key subjects we’re working on.”

For Honor Trailer E3 2015

It would be hard to fault gamers for assuming that the game was multiplayer-only after seeing the For Honor E3 2015 debut trailer, which focused on the PvP showdowns. It has even been described by Ubisoft as a “shooter with swords”, which seemed to further cement the idea that the game was set to be multiplayer-only. With the game’s release date presumably still far off, it’s good that producer Stephane Cardin got ahead of the issue and clarified for anyone confused about what For Honor may ultimately entail.

Single-player campaigns were once standard in the industry, but a recent trend has seen the feature fall to the wayside. Numerous big games that released in 2015 dropped the single-player campaign, including Star Wars Battlefront and Ubisoft’s own Rainbow Six Siege. In our Rainbow Six Siege review, we pointed out how the game was, at its core, a fantastic shooter, but seemed as though it had less content compared to similar titles on the market, in large part due to the lack of a dedicated campaign mode.

Perhaps Ubisoft is looking to make sure For Honor has both single-player and multiplayer functionality as a response to feedback from fans of games like Rainbow Six Siege. Whatever the inspiration, it’s good to see that For Honor will indeed be including single-player for those that aren’t interested in multiplayer, and it should help the game’s critical reception as well as increase its appeal in general.

For Honor will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a release date to be announced.

Source: Game Informer